Completed: January 2012
Location: Benenden, Kent
Type: Residential
Constraints/Challenges: Integration of a brief for a modern, airy extension into the existing building.
Key Features: Glulam columns
Project value: ~£150k

For this project Abbey Design provided project administration and drawings for a modern extension to existing living accommodation for one of the House Masters at the school.

The accommodation to be provided included a dining room and family rooms within the new development. The flat roof with a deck above are supported on glulam bonded timber columns forming a canopy over a deck to the garden.

This modern, spacious extension integrated successfully with the older building and sits well in the landscape. The construction is steel frame with traditional cavity walls while the whole front elevation is glass. Powder-coated aluminium door screens and doors are all set behind the feature visible glulam structure.

The inside space was transformed, providing a light and spacious interior that opens onto a covered deck leading to the garden. Contrasting materials of steel frame and glulam provide interest and highlight the key architectural features of this building.

House Master's Apartment